Getting Married Underwater in Malta

Getting married underwater by a diver in Malta

If you are a wedding newcomer just getting your feet wet, you might as well go all the way and opt for an underwater wedding. Sounds fishy, you say? Not if you want to make your nuptials one-of-a-kind with your exchange of vows flanked by schools of fish and colorful corals. It is a literal way of showing how deep your love is with fascinating underwater scenery and marine life serving as backdrop for the ceremony. But just like any wedding, there are some arrangements and preparations that need to be done before the big day. So how do you take your wedding to a whole new (sea) level?

  1. Be dive certified.

While it is alright to get hitched in knee-deep water in a shallow lagoon, it is not the same as donning an underwater mask or helmet for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can do this by getting a Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) certification so you can be a lot more comfortable underwater. Atlantisgozo diving centre can help you with that, they have qualified multi language divers.  There are a number of dive schools to choose from in most beaches and you don’t need Olympic-level swimming skills to apply. You just need to get past the basic introductory dive course and you are good to go besides learning a new skill.

  1. Pick an ideal location.

Start with a country that legally recognizes underwater weddings like Malta. You can easily call local officials or coastal authorities for confirmation. A warm-water locale is preferred but no one is stopping you if you like frigid waters. The dive site should provide easy access with a flat, sandy bottom and clear visibility. You can actually say, “I do” in a wedding chapel thirteen feet below the waves, a submerged shark tank, or next to the corals. Hey, you can get married with a dramatic interpretation of the lost city of Atlantis in the background if you want.

  1. Plan the event.

There are wedding planners, companies, and even resorts that offer underwater wedding packages but the final say is still yours. Do you want to write your vows on waterproof slates, say it via sign language, or use underwater helmets with audio systems? Do you really want your grandmother to wear a wetsuit and use a regulator for the first time, or do you want your guests to stay dry at the reception venue? Will your reception be held aboard a dive boat or at a nearby beachfront hotel in case some guests are prone to seasickness? You also have to decide on the catering in case you want to serve mainly seafood.


  1. Choose a wedding outfit.

Just because you are exchanging “I dos” under the sea does not mean you have to give up on wearing traditional wedding threads. Diving in a gorgeous white gown and an elegant black tuxedo is part of the fun though you have to forgo the long bridal trains, veils and gloves. Silk and salt water do not mix so get something simpler and cheaper to dive in. There are white neoprene bridal wetsuits available if you want to move around easily. Do not forget fitting scuba masks, diving gears and fins.

  1. Record the proceedings.

You don’t swim down the aisle in an out-of-the-box ceremony with no photo or videos to keep the memories intact. There should be a photographer on hand who have covered underwater scenes before, and a videographer who can live stream the underwater ritual to family and friends on land. The iridescence and serenity of the water is the perfect setting to celebrate your love. Hire a professional who has the skills and equipment needed to capture your nautical nuptials.