Choosing A Venue For Your Outdoor Wedding

If you want your wedding to be quite unique and truly memorable at the same time, you can choose to do it outdoors instead of having it at the church. However, you need to do some really serious planning when you decide to go for an outdoor wedding because unlike doing it indoors where you’re going to under the safety and security of a roof, being outdoors puts your special day at risk of being messed up by the natural elements specifically certain weather conditions like rain and strong winds.

When choosing a good venue for your outdoor wedding, you need to consider some really important factors. First off, you need to take note of your budget so that you can easily narrow down your choices. Next, you need to first determine what motif you’re going to use for your wedding that way you can find a venue that’s going to easily go along with it. That way, you won’t have to exert too much effort on putting up too much decorations.

There are tons of outdoor wedding venues out there so make sure you take the time to go through as many of them as possible so that you can find the best one for your special day.

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Bridal Party Gifts For Your Summer Rustic Wedding

Bridal Party Gifts For Your Summer  Wedding!

If your summer wedding is an outdoor event or an indoor rustic wedding venue, then why restrict your bridesmaid and groomsman gifts to the tired old standbys?  Consider passing up the expected fountain pens and crystal earrings in favor of something more unexpected that matches the theme of your outdoor setting. You have spent great amounts of time creating an outdoor wedding that reflects the beauty of nature during summer; shouldn’t the wedding party gifts reflect that rustic spirit as well?

Many outdoorsy or nature-inspired gifts can be appreciated by both groomsmen and bridesmaids. Here are just a few ideas:

– For a casual outdoor wedding, consider monogrammed outdoors or sporting items. What groomsman would not love a barbeque kit, cooler seat, insulated lunch bag or party beverage cooler personalized with his initials? Bridesmaids are sure to appreciate rustic, yet beautiful equipment that they can use on a romantic picnic or trip to the beach, such as a canvas picnic basket or insulated wine chiller bearing their monogram.

– Who says that a gift has to be something that can be unwrapped? Many groomsmen and bridesmaids love to receive gift certificates. Why not select a gift certificate for a fun summer activity? Consider certificates for white-water rafting, horseback riding, canoeing, or any adventure activity that members of your wedding party would enjoy. Tuck the gift certificate into a beautiful handmade envelope made of an organic, rustic paper.

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– For a summer beach wedding, consider having wedding party gifts crafted of genuine sea glass. There are many sea glass artists to be found on the internet and elsewhere who would love to custom design and create sea glass cufflinks for the groomsmen and sea glass pendant necklaces for the bridesmaids. Have them made in the colors and spirit of your wedding décor.

– How about giving the wedding party something they will definitely be able to use, perhaps even before the wedding reception is over? A pair of nice designer sunglasses will get a lot of mileage during the summer days following the event. They will also earn you quite a bit of ‘friendship’ mileage. Your maid of honor will adore you after you give her a great pair of designer shades! If you are unsure of styles, just go with the current favorites: Ray-Ban Aviators or over-sized Versace shades.

These were just a few ideas to get you started. These ideas are very simple to implement yet have that wow factor to impress the guests according to Leanne from Factory 51 rustic wedding venue in Brisbane, Australia.

Really consider all the summer activities your wedding party enjoys. From gardening to golf, you will soon see that there are many outdoor-inspired or nature themed gifts to choose from. At very least, consider revamping a traditional gift with a decoration, motif, or engraving that embodies the spirit of your outdoor wedding theme. This theme, be it tropical, garden party, woodland or floral, can be the focal point of the perfect bridesmaid or groomsman gifts for your summer outdoor wedding.

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The Significance of Wedding Jewellery

Let’s talk wedding Jewellery

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You have got your dress, your venue, your food catered for… and your husband. You’re ready to get married! But wait … what about the jewellery?

Wedding jewellery is a significant part of your dress, your husband’s suit, and your bridesmaids overall look. Although some people go for minimal, and some people go for bling, finding the right wedding jewellery to suit your big day is imperative.

Wedding Rings

The exchanging and wearing of wedding rings dates back a long time – with the first wedding rings believed to have been found in ancient Egypt. Scrolls for example show evidence of wedding rings being used as far back as 6,000 years ago! The significance was that in Egypt the people viewed the circle as a symbol of eternity – so the ring itself signified the never ending love that exists when a couple get married. According to legend as well, Egypt is also where the rings first started to be worn on the ring finger of the left hand with the belief that a special vein in that finger connected directly to the heart.

In Western culture, wedding rings date back to Ancient Rome and Greece while the modern exchange of rings dates to the Middle Age with Christians. In many Western countries it was only in the 20th Century that wedding rings were worn by both husband and wife, being only worn by the woman prior to that.

So when you’re looking to choose a wedding ring, what are the things you need to take into account? Firstly, the style that you want. Back in the 16th and 17th Centuries, women were presented with gimmel rings which had two interlocking bands. Between the engagement and the wedding, the man and woman would wear one part of the ring each – then at the wedding they would be joined together again on the wife’s finger. These days you’re more likely to see both husband and wife with a ring made of white, yellow or rose gold; however silver, platinum, palladium and silicone are becoming more popular. Bands are generally either plan metal, or include various styles of set diamonds – depending on the couple and their choice.

Today you’ll find a broad range of diamond rings available – from channel set diamond wedding rings of all styles and sizes, to bead set diamonds and claw set diamonds. The final decision is definitely something both the bride and the groom want to be involved in.


The style of necklace, earrings and bracelet a woman chooses to wear on her wedding day, and that of her bridesmaids, is really a matter of style that suits the wedding itself. However, traditionally pearls are worn. According to history, pearls signify wealth, high social standings and harmony in love. Cleopatra was said to have dissolved a pearl in a glass of wine and drank the wine, claiming to drink “the wealth of an entire country”. For the ancient Greeks, pearls were said to lead to harmony in love and marriage, while in the Reaissance period wearing pearls for your own wedding was a social standard that showed you were from a noble family (lower classes were forbidden from wearing them).


One of the main traditions for the groom is to wear special cufflinks for the wedding, whether these are cufflinks that have been handed down through generations (which is often the case); the cufflinks of someone who has passed away (such as the groom’s father); or cufflinks that were a gift from the bride, or her own family. Cufflinks are optional, but are a nice gesture to include in the wedding.

While these are some great ideas; in today’s society there are no “rules” as to what people must buy or wear on their wedding day. The most important thing is that you make the day your own – and that you find something that you love yourself. Don’t worries about what other people think? This is YOUR day, so choose the wedding ring style to suit your personality or personal preferences; choose any accessories you like; and simply get out there, take a deep breath, and vow to spend your life with the person you love.

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Outdoor wedding trends in the UK

One of the most popular wedding types in the UK has been the outdoor wedding. This specific wedding set up, has materialized some of its own trends and and styles including everything from colors, flowers, center pieces, weather protection options, cakes decorations, foods, invitations, transportation, music and themes for the reception and ceremony. Of course, all of these wedding details vary from season to season, but there are some trend generalities that can be discussed.

The most popular time for UK outdoor weddings is late spring and summer. This can be noted in the trends in colors and flowers that are often seen in UK outdoor weddings occurring at this time of the year. For example, a large majority of outdoors weddings that happen in the spring generally utilize soft, pastel colors. It has become more and more popular to accent these lighter shades with a dark, bold color. For example, pastel pinks will often be accented by a more vibrant and eye catching shade of pink…basically a more saturated version of the pastel shade. The UK outdoor weddings that happen in the summer time, have moved away from the soft shades into the bright and vivid colors such as yellow, bright orange, and aqua blue. These shades leave less room for exploring other color options, since they already make a bold statement in and of themselves.

The trends for flowers in outdoor UK weddings have actually reverted to the more traditional options. Lilies, lilacs and wildflowers can often be seen in the spring time weddings and roses and sunflowers during the summer. Some people choose to combine the spring and summer flowers into a bouquet to give the wedding a unique twist.

Interestingly enough, while the general trend with flowers and colors seems to be towards the traditional, there is something to be said for the growing number of couples who choose to do something very different. Some people who have outdoor weddings in UK have completely abandoned the idea of flowers all together (except the bouquet the bride holds). Instead their center pieces are made of things like small chocolate fountains, beautifully decorated candles, small figurines, statues, or even various designs made of different colored lights.

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On that note, lights have become probably the most popular way to set the mood in UK outdoor weddings. What we mean by this is that as the sun begins to set on an outdoor wedding, there is nothing to lighten the reception area. For this reason, many couples choose to decorate the covers and tends that surround the reception with various types of lights. These vary from large extravagant lights to small yellow Christmas lights. Whatever the case may be, the couple finds it to be a fun twist to wedding preparation and design and many are surprised to find how well it fits the wedding theme.

The trend in UK outdoor weddings has been to stick to the traditional and simple, even though an open space presents for an opportunity to make some interesting design arrangements. Most couples choose to have an isle made of white and the front “altar” area to be set up with an arc decorated with various flowers.

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Many people who are fortunate to have their outside wedding on a nice day, set up the reception of their wedding just a few feet away from the actual ceremony. The trend for weather covers has been to cover the seating areas with light cloth, or see through plastic, to unwrap their guests in the magic of their surroundings.